John O'Grady Consulting Ltd.
Economic and Statistical Analysis
John O’Grady Consulting Ltd. provides research support to unions and professional organizations in wage and benefits bargaining and interest arbitration and assists in preparing submissions to governments and regulatory bodies.

Negotiations and Arbitration (Union Side)
  • preparation and presentation of interest arbitration submissions (union side)
  • bargaining support (union side)

  • Public Policy
  • labour relations
  • labour standards
  • labour adjustment
  • labour mobility

  • Labour Markets and Human Resources (Prism Economics)
  • supply / demand forecasts
  • apprenticeship and trade regulation
  • impact of technology of skill requirements
  • professional standards, licensing and certification

  • Industry Conditions (Prism Economics)
  • trends and outlook in construction industry
  • technology and productivity trends
  • offshoring trends
  • import/export trends