John O'Grady Consulting Ltd.
Economic and Statistical Analysis
John O’Grady has worked for twenty years as an independent economist. He was formerly Research Director at the Ontario Federation of Labour and Assistant to the President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. He also served as Visiting Senior Researcher at the Economic Council of Canada.

John has prepared arbitration submissions for the IBEW, UA, Sheet Metal Workers, Carpenters, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, LIUNA, UNITE-HERE, the Ontario Provincial Police Association, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Association and various local police associations, as well as various unions in the health care sector. He has also prepared expert affidavits for legal proceedings.

Following the introduction of Bill 69, which allows employers in the construction industry to seek ‘local area modifications’, John conducted a series of seminars throughout the province for business managers and business representatives.

John also has published studies of skilled labour requirements for the construction trades and various regulated and certified professions, including architects, professional engineers, and engineering technicians and technologists.

John was an advisor to the Ontario Teachers Federation in their negotiations with the Ontario government over the use of pension fund gains.

John was the principal author of the Provincial Building Trades Council’s submission on preserving the ‘related employer’ (sec 1(4) of the Labour Relations Act. With Alan Minsky, John co-authored the Building Trades Council’s critique of Bill 69. He has also acted as an advisor to the building trades during negotiations over project agreements.

In his arbitration practice, John has worked with a number of law firms including:
  • Cavalluzzo Hayes Shilton McIntyre & Cornish
  • Green Chercover
  • Gibson & Barnes
  • Koskie Minsky
  • Nelligan O’Brien Payne
  • Paliare Roland
  • Sack Goldblatt Mitchell
  • Shell Lawyers
  • Watson Jacobs McCreary