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Apprenticeship in Canada: Issues and Problems (1997)
This paper discusses several issues facing the apprenticeship system in Canada: the average age of apprentices, the non-completion rate, rational planning of apprentice intake, the fragmentation of on-the-job training, the relationship of apprenticeship to the training of technicians and technologists, and the tension between emerging technologies and established training standards.

Comments on Apprenticeship (2007)
This paper comments on the distinctive role of apprenticeship in Canada and contrasts the Canadian system with European (principally German) models. The European apprenticeship model is focused on the school-to-work transition of students under the age of 20. In Canada, by contrast the average age of apprentices is 30.5.

Estimating the Return on Investing in Apprenticeship (2005)
This paper provided technical background for the development of a survey instrument to gauge the return to employers, apprentices, and governments of investments in apprenticeship training. The paper begins with a review of the empirical literature on apprenticeship training. Results of the surveys which applied this methodology can be found on the website of the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum.